Hey there… this is Shruti Doshi.

I am a Civil Engineer by profession and a writer by my heart.

Currently working as a Technical Officer at Sanghi Industries Ltd. (Sanghi Cement), my passion of deep diving into various Civil Engineering subjects, understanding them to the core and representing my own version of those topics drove me to blogging, and I am a Civil Engineering blogger now.

Till date I have written more than 150 Civil Engineering blogs on numerous Civil Engineering subjects like Good construction practices, Cement, special construction techniques etc. on my site.

I feel eternal bliss in expressing my heart and my mind out in my blogs. Hope you all like it.

Needless to say please Keep in touch and Never miss an update on my blog. You are also welcome to share interesting topics, reads or initiate a discussion on any blog topic related to Civil Engineering.

Happy reading…

Shruti Doshi

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